Dreamsigns Theory

5 most common dreams to have

Being chased

being chased dream sign
When someone or something is chasing you in a dream, it is a sure sign that you are the one who avoids something in your daily life. Whenever you dream such a dream, you should ask yourself maybe you are avoiding confrontation with someone close. That could be responsibilities, obligations...or Something from your past that you are afraid of confronting. Stop running, face the problem and get over it, otherwise the issue will come back chasing you. Also being chased can mean that you put a large amount of your energy to tasks and problems that are just dragging you down. Running away by driving away, by using a car, or another vehicle, could mean that you are helped by the company around yourself to avoid your personal problems. If an old love is chasing after you, then it means that you have remorse for doing something wrong to that person.

Back at school

back to school dream
This dream will continue to pop up, even in your 50's. Actually this is about your job, and when you think about it, the school was your first job ever. You needed to wake up on time, to listen to lectures, do homework...just like a job, where someone is judging you and your work. So...its actually a pressure at job you are feeling right now. Being unable to finish the test, or unable to say the exact answer to your teacher, means that you are currently being OVERLOADED with work! And you should rest, and not take it to heart. Styding in your dream is a sign of the need for something more, and learning a new truth or idea. Right now in your waking life, you are without a clue about the course or action you should be taking, and you just can't fit this in your current lifestyle. Sometimes these dreams are not always about pressure at work, or the subtle need to perfect your knowledge. It can mean that you are lacking good old friends like back in the school days. You'd like nothing more but, to be a kid again, even taking tests but being with friends and the feel that was so good. And that is alright dream to have! You will improve much in future period.

Teeth falling out

dream teeth falling out
This dream wasn't about oral hygiene. Teeth mean words. If you dream that your teeth are falling out, then you should watch what are you saying and gossiping. Saying things without thinking. Being too blunt. Just think more carefully what you say, because teeth also mean personal image. Whenever we see someone with nice white teeth, then we say:"This person has nice personal image, and presents itself nicely", so do not lose your personal image, by saying things that will hinder it. In some cultures the dream of teeth falling out, means that someone close to you is going to die soon. An old relative or a person you know. If the tooth while falling out, was hurting you and you remembered the pain in your sleep, then the person who is going to die is blood related to you. Teeth also mean position in society. Rich people have the means to buy the best care for their teeth, while the less fortunate often have those missing and broken. So, losing teeth means, you are wasting money and are into bad investments right now.

Cheating love partner

cheating partner dream sign
Before you go and turn into private eye, rummaging through the partners sock drawers, searching for the evidences of infidelity, maybe you should stop and realize that your partner isn't focused on you right now. Work, friends, overloaded with responsibilities, your partner isn't able to spend more time with you, and your subconscious is saying that he/she doesn't care about you, which is not true. You should find more quality time for both of you together. Sometimes when we dream about our partner doing something bad to us, usually means that in real life is actually the opposite. We are not responsive enough to our partners needs, and we need to be more in tune, and empathy for those who we love the most. Its alright to sometimes find more time to spend with your partner, even when the times are rough and fast like today.