Dreamsigns Theory

The Dream of workplace and working

dream of workplace, dream of working
Being too focused on a job, brings these kind of dreams and its no wonder. The fact that our mind can't shake the feeling that the body is now at home where it is safe. Also, being to preoccupied with someone elses thoughts brings these dreams. For example if you were in a business meeting where your co-workers talked and complained about the hard labor and being treated unfairly, is the cause of this dream. Your mind is not capable from wandering away from other people's opinions.
To dream of the workplace represents feelings about how important it is to be serious or deeply involved in a situation. Feeling deeply involved in family or friends lives i order to help them because you feel that its your job to do so.Negatively, it may reflect feelings that nothing is special about yourself while you are helping other people. It could also reflect a dangerous or too serious attitude about recreation. Bad habits such as drinking, drugs, or sex as though its a full time venture.
Alternatively, dreaming about your workplace may reflect anxiety issues or frustrations with with your current job.Example: An older woman dreamed of being apprehensive in her former workplace at a law firm. In waking life she was trying to help her grandchild as one of the last important things to do in her life and having trouble letting go.Example 2: A man dreamed of having a bad day at work. In waking life he was having anxiety at his bank job about the branch he worked at cutting jobs.Example 3: A woman dreamed of being at her workplace. In waking life she was having to spend a lot of time talking to a colleague about their problems. The workplace symbolism may have reflected her feelings about the long effort required to talk to her friend being a necessary responsibility.Example 4: A woman dreamed of being at her former workplace. In waking life she had chosen to take a job working at home and missed her friends at work.Example 5: A man dreamed of working in a library. In waking he was autistic and spent a lot of time in the library during the day on a regular basis.