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To dream of an unknown female or a girl, is a sign of future help that you will get in your living life. As the female is a symbol of love and prosperity. The dreamer also should notice the features of the female or a girl that was presented to him in a dream. What color was her hair? Was she dressed in fine clothes or did she look messy. Also the dreamer should try and remember what the female was trying to say.

Female symbol is a strongly powerful in terms of that in your future actions, there will be a time when you will receive a help from a female person that is on your side. If the female in your dream looked evil or dark, then there should be some obstacles in your way that are mostly within you and your view of the females in general. You are less trusting to strangers and the brain is trying to remind you of the bad vibes that are surrounding you in your place of living or work.

Fair female hair is more prosperous to dream than the darker shades. Red hair female hair is a tough and rough love advance from a person you don't know yet but will soon meet. To dream of a fighting against a female dream person, is your need to win something back. In real life there will be rough times when arguing is not fruitful in order to solve the problem.

Dreaming of a sexual act with a female is your desire for love and closeness mixed with the need to be connected in all ways. Usually fortells better times and lots of fun moments.

Dreaming of a known female is a message that you need to understand. That person wants you to hear her out. Dreaming of a deceased relative female, is a sign of worry and tiredness in real life. So the mind calls them back for you to know they are alright and you will be too.

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