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The Dream about being a Butterfly

dream of being a butterfly

To dream of a butterfly represents issues that are special or important to you that you are sensitive about losing. It may also reflect a fear of loss. You might be sensitive about having to change something you like. Butterflies generally represent personal interests or relationships that we dont want give up or change. Alternatively, a butterfly may represent something you feel you need to be perfectly careful about or that you dont want to scare away.

To dream of a butterfly flying away from you represents having to let go of something special or important to you. It may also reflect a change you feel forced to make. Butterflies commonly appear in the dreams of people who have experienced a death of a friend or family member. The butterfly reflects their sensitive feelings about having to let go of the loved one. Butterflies tend to show up in dreams when something you are emotionally invested in is threatened or criticized. You dont want to give something up or be embarrassed away from something you love. You may have a passion, interest, or person that you feel is important to keep. A butterfly can also point to criticism of things you enjoy, or caring about what other people think. Example: A man once dreamed of seeing a yellow butterfly.

In real life he was taking vitamin supplements that he didnt want his doctors finding out about because he feared theyd make him stop taking them. The butterfly reflected the importance he gave to these supplements for improving his health and the fear of losing these benefits if the doctors found out about them. Example 2: A young girl dreamed of her house being filled with butterflies. In real life she had a hobby that she loved that was being criticized. The butterflies represented her sensitive feelings about her hobby being criticized. She didnt want to change anything she was doing. Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing a butterfly coming out of a cocoon. In waking life she had been released on medical probation after being declared legally insane. She was required to take medication as part of her probation release and was sensitive about having her medical probation revoked.

To dream of being a butterfly means that you feel like no one is noticing you, and you feel fragile now. In Asian countries, butterflies sometimes predict death of a close relative.

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