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dream about flying

So you dreamed about flying last night? People always wanted to fly. Just like Seal sings in his song "Crazy", "In a sky full of people, only some want to fly, Isn't that crazy?". Well to some people wishing such things is crazy. Those people are so down to earth and afraid to venture out or even breathe new air. They desperately need some guiding hand or system to discipline them. To lead them into a job place. Point them at what they need to do, because they can't think on their own. Just like every horse has its master, so they do need someone to crack the whip over their heads as to motivate them. That is why they are afraid of the heights. And of course the flying. What does flying mean? To fly away? Means not to be bothered by rules, expectations, obligations, religion, constraints of any kind! Just being free is all you need to feel. This dream is telling you that you are already free, but there is a bad aspect here also. To become free to do what you want is a bad curse in the longer run. You'll not finish the school in time, or maybe not get that job because you went to every party you could. Something is not practical now in your life. The vocation you chose, or it chose you, maybe grants you with more free time, but also isn't helping you stand on your two feet. You need more firm ground to stand on.

To be dreaming of flying can have a meaning of wanting to let go of everything. To be burden free and float around in the air enjoying yourself. In a spiritual sense you are ok, you are not of a materialistic person. You are more of a care free soul who is just passing by this world and doesn't care about its problems or troubles.

These dreams oppose the depression. If you dream of flying, chances are low that you are suffering from depression, or anxiety. You feel at best when around yourself and are happy in a way with your choices.

Dreaming of flying in an airplane is victorious symbol. You will travel a lot. In future years to come the job you take on will make you change places and visit places you only heard about. Planes carry information in your sleep and you will receive a visitation from an old friend or family member.

If you had a dream where you were flying on a dinosaur or a dragon, this is a sign you should take it easy with judging your nearest friends. You are ready for action and they just can't keep up with you. Don't be so harsh all the time.

Having dreams where you fly off into space are unique and tell that your learning and potential will go and reach the stars figuratively saying. Your determination will help you defeat all obstacles. Also space means that you will move out and go on your own.

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