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Money was used for ages as a mean of buying goods. We all know that even today after all these centuries and thousands of years, money is a representative of a wealth of individual. Certainly without the money this world would be in a certain amount of chaos, but not in a dream world. In our dream, the symbol of money is a symbol that describes your worth to yourself. How much do you think you worth? How come people can put a price on everything except themselves? Yes, a kidney costs for health reasons, liver also, but in terms of how much is one person worth we are never competent to tell. Why? Because we can make a price on everything that is of value to us, and because most people value themselves higher than anything the money describes. In terms of hypocrisy, this is a sign of how we as humans are lacking when it comes to objectivity. Some value their car more than themselves, so they spend more money on it than on personal hygiene. Or someone might value more a cell phone than a good meal, choosing to eat bad junk food in order to fulfill the need for something they believe is a better value. So, money isn't an actual value, but more of a tool of sort to gauge some price. In your dreams the money you dream about represents the value of you to you alone. Your mind explains how you get valuable more or less depending what or how the money was used in a dream.

If you dreamed about how you found money on the street, means that you are getting more important to someone. Think about your workplace. Did you do something that was extraordinary, or maybe you've solved some problem no one could do? It is always about the small thing when dreaming about money. This dream implies that you are getting more better as a loving partner, a good worker and also a smarter and more happier individual. It doesn't mean you are going to get paid day after the dream. This is the improvement your mind reacts to and tells you in this dream. Good job! Keep it going.

If dream was about how you have lost some money, than it is a slightly bad meaning than finding one. Small expensess are accompanied by this dream, although this is also a dream that tells you, you are getting less called to the sceene and are more passive at your daily life. People still call you, but you are not answering and you don't want to help them in any way. Therefore they consider you to be of less value, so in a dream the people who are pushing you into doing their job are the ones who you dream of stealing your money.

Dream of a thief stealing money from you is a dream sign or losing your identity to the crowd. You probably showed to much of an open spot for someone and got taken advantage of. Trusting bad people leads to having this type of dream.

Dreaming of finding paper bills means that you are getting better on paper, meaning your score is getting higher in real life. To dream of finding coins is considered a luck in a dream, because every coin has two sides, meaning that there is and event to come is going to have good and bad sides.

Losing a coin in a dream is an indication of broken wish, that was meant for someone else. Your wishes can grant you many coins in your sleep, but this one that was lost, announces even death of someone you used to work with.

To dream that you owe somebody a large amount of money, means that you are feeling a lot of guilt lately. Maybe you haven't done all you could do and now you feel this guilt of not finishing the task that was handed to you.

To dream that you are the one who is stealing the money, means that you will be the one to learn a new skill that will make you push forward in life. A new knowledge that was hidden from you is the one that is going to help you in a long run. A good dream to have.

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