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Snakes are a very important dream animal sign. Snakes like in nature mean danger. The danger that is lurking somewhere you can't see it yet, but be sure its near to hurt you. Enemies of all kind are gathering around and are bound to make you fail. Also in The Bible, the snake is a pure symbol of evil. In the medicical science a snake is a symbol of a cure and a posion at the same time. Things you do right now are hurting your health and you are scarred of it but you won't tell it to yourself.

Snake has an interesting shape. It sometimes can represent a falus in a dream, but most often are a sure sign of disease to come. You should be more careful where you head out, because the dangers of poisoning, dangerous animals, and even injuries are closer right now more than ever.

In terms of a person, a snake can also mean a female person. The one that is wise and cunning, but also the one that is envious of you and is ready to bite whenever she feels threatened. A coleague from work, or a relative that is choking you with her demands.

To dream that you were bitten by the snake, is a dream that fortells sickness. Your health is going to worsen, and as a result you should find more time to recover. Also, if the bite was hurting in a dream, this is an indication of betray from someone you never thought would do such a thing to you. Bevare of the people who are talking nice things to you in the face, while bad mouthing you from the dark. Snake is their symbol.

If you dreamed of killing a snake, then this is a very positive sign. You will win this, what ever it may be. The enemy will back off and leave you alone. Snakes are only messengers in a dream, they carry all the evil intent toward you. It can sometimes be interpretated as your victory by not letting yourself be provoked and lured into the trap. The bigger the snake the bigger the outcome of the battle. To see someone else kill a snake, means of a good guidance from your mentor. This way you will be shown a lesson and learn to be better in future.

To dream of red snake, the enemy is fast and mad. Prepare to fight back now! Black snake is the worst to dream about and it can be life warning, as it fortells death and heavy witchcraft. White snake, even though some may thing white is the color of good in a dream, so this should be a positive thing, are wrong beyond their wildest dreams. This is the enemy that will try to deceive you in a most cunning way possible, and the odds are you will fall for its trap. Green snakes are not dangerous in a dream, they warn of health and many small sinful deads that you've done.

Talking snake dream. This is as bad as it gets. This is a person that wants to tell you in person what she couldn't tell you in a real life. An enemy for sure, but the one who is about to spill the secret that is important for you to know. Be more obeservant at your work place, because something dangerous is happening and if you don't realize it soon enough, you could get injured.

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