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The Dream about dying from a virus!

dying from a virus dream

Nobody knows the origin of viruses. They are not technically living organisms. They carry the DNA required to multiply and all they need is the host. Without the host, viruses die. Most of them are mostly killed by the UV radiation coming from the Sun. The problem they present to us is fast multiplying and destroying our body cells.

What does it mean when you dream about dying from a virus, or some other infectious disease? First thing, the dream itself is mostly supported by the fear you have toward death. It doesn't matter if you suffer from a virus in a dream or other illness, the meaning is that you are highly stressed right now and are suffering from overprotection. You most probably have the need to fight germs every way you can, and are a clean care machine. Viruses can't be seen. In dreams some may resemble big things that are attacking you. It could also mean that you've had recently recovered from an old viral infection and are worrying that it might come back again. Virus and bacteria, have a meaning of something hidden and dangerous currently in your life. When did you have the last check up? Do you believe something is wrong with your health right now? Maybe you are feeling tired from work or chores, and are contributing subconsciously to the viruses.

Dreaming bacteria means that you will have some malfunctions and repairs at home that you will repair and not worry too much about it. Also, be careful to watch your back at work, because these dreams can also mean that some colleagues are doing something bad behind your back. Trust issues at workplace. Viruses because of their ability to multiply, can have a meaning of problems that you are currently having and that seem to you like they are multiplying without any control of your own.

To dream that you are in a laboratory and are testing samples of viruses, means that you are concentrated on getting the job done right and precise, and you are not afraid to go deep and search for the answer, whatever it may be.

Zombie virus dreams, where everyone are exposed, and only you are fighting against all of them, has an unique meaning. Like in everyday life people follow rules and are not thinking enough, which can take them into danger. You yourself see far more than they can, and are capable of fighting back against the system. To be able to survive swimming against the tide. Fighting zombies means fighting back for yourself, and is a good dream to have. You will enjoy a business of your own and be ok!

To dream that you have some serous deadly virus, can mean that there is a belief you are taken for granted. People don't listen to you enough. You try to say something or get across, but you are unable to. That is why you beleive no one would wan't to connect with you and are all alieanating you, just as if you'd have some deadly contageous virus. Don't worry, just be yourself and say what you want, the people who will like you will be near you just because you are original, and unique!