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dream about eating

Are we hungry in our sleep? To dream that we are in the middle of a meal, or that we are eating something is an important dream sign. In old times, during the fasting period, people abstained from eating meat and animal products, like: milk, eggs, cheese...etc. These were declared as breakers of the fasting and a sin. Dreaming of eating is generaly considered bad, because they tell us that we did something bad to someone we know in real life, and we don't feel the shame or guilt for doing so. You should probably take more notice of your behavior. Think twice before acting or judging somebody else.

Eating=Guilt. Since the dawn of time when Adam and Eve sinned by eating the forbidden fruit of knowledge, eating in our dreams is considered as a bad move. The knowledge that you stole or aquired right now will be paid dearly. You will go through the rough period, which is coming in a few months.

Sometimes people dream of eating cakes, tasty burgers, etc, while they are on a diet in a real life. This dream has a meaning that tells you, you are overdoing it with your diet regime. Don't go cold turkey just yet! You should gradually decrease meal sizes, so your mind adapts better. Stopping the food intake suddenly will be felt in your dreams also.

To dream that you are the cook, or cooking, means that you are important right now, because you are now responsible for teaching a person, something important. You are now sharing a knowledge in your waking life and "feeding" your students with real and practical knowledge.

Not eating just yet, but preparing to eat, in a dream has an interesting meaning. You will prepare a new subject to take on and study. This new interest will be beneficial and can bring you lot of money.

Eating fruit like strawberries, cherries, or any red fruit is a sign of passionate love life. Eating an unusual fruit, not yet discovered is a special dream sign. There is a knowledge only you have and nobody else. A hidden talent that you are not aware of yet. This new ability will come in handy, because you see the world in many ways and are able to invent new things easily.

Eating meat in a dream, means that you will work hard in times to come. The mind reacts like this. It reminds you in your sleep to get more protein so that your body doesn't get weaker.

Eating sugars, candy bars, and artificial sugars is a dream sign of money spending on foolish things and things of small value.

To dream of eating something that is alive is a bad dream to have. You are believing in everything you hear, and swear on it. Peole around you are lying to you. Wait to cook that something in your dream, just to see the truth coming up. Gullability.

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