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dream of running

Running is a part of training. We run when we are young and old. Every day it is the same running that we need to do in order to push through. Running builds character and endurance. Most things can be solved with endurance and the dream about running is telling us something is going on in our life that is explaining the direction we are heading to.

Whenever we dream about running the mind wants us to keep going. We started something important in our lives and now the subconscious wants us to proceed doing this.

If we dreamed that we were running fast and easy, this could be a sign we are pretty much on track with everything. We are doing good in our lives and we should proceed with doing so. But if the dream was the one where we felt bad for running or we ran away from a danger, then this dream is bad for us. We are avoiding responsibilities, paying taxes or similar things in everyday life we take for granted and just avoid them all together.

Running up the hill is an excellent sign, because there will be rewards for you at your workplace, better love life, and most of all is a sign of good advancement in personal growth. You are getting stronger and more powerful.

Running down the hill is a bad sign that says we are rushing into bad decisions. We are doubting ourselves even when everyone else sees us as productive, we just don't see that. Running downward is a sign of low self esteem.

Running hard and slow is a sign of struggle. You are unable to do what you want in life because someone is dragging you down. You need to release this burden, and move on.

Running or any other physical activity that is healthy in real life is also healthy in subconscious one. Your mind also needs to work out. Don't forget that. Also some interpretations say that when you dream about running, it can mean that you are forgetting to learn your lesson and study for an exam. Running away from things that need to be done.

Also, running in your dream, where you don't know where you are running to, and feel lost running, means that you are feeling lost and unable to direct your creative energy where it is needed the most. Find what are you good with and go with it. Running in your dream is a dream sign of excess energy.

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