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You dreamed a tree? What does the tree symbolize? It means wisdom and patience. Trees are here on this planet for a very long time. They take the CO2 form our air and convert it into oxygen. They are the lungs of our realm. We cut them down, non-stop, and make plenty of things that serve certain purpose and then they are cast aside. No one really admires trees anymore. We all look at the images that are generated by some computer code, and admire that, instead of going into the wilderness and breathe the fresh air and enjoy the sounds of the forest.

Tree has a calming effect. It is alive and keeps us happy when the Sun shines high, we can seek for the shade below its branches. To dream of the tree, there are many fine details that can explain this dream better and are all equally important.

To see a new big tree in your dream is a goal you've set in life. The tree has roots, which means those dreams are well grounded, or maybe even inherited. Then the big branches tell if the goal has more chance to spread and succeed in your lifetime. Sometimes, big and huge tree stands for the big and ancient knowledge you possess and can't forget. This dream means good and honorable jobst to come. Also branches show the family and ties. If you saw them means, that there will be a gathering of the big family circle and you'll be there to participate.

Old tree that is dry and and almost falling down, means that the old family member is ill and won't be there for too long. That person was once very powerful and influential in your life, but now its time for that person to step down, and because you had this dream, you will inherit the qualities of this person. Maybe you'll become a leader in your community.

To see green leaves making sounds in the wind is a sign that there will be money! You will earn lot more than you thought you could with your imagination and connections you have. To see the leaves dry out and fall indicates a broken love. Recent friendships will end soon than expected. The old friends will go away and some new will come later.

Woods full of trees is a sign of uncertain times. Nobody knows what lies in that wood. If they are dark, it's the lack of knowledge that is frightening to you. You feel as if you need to study or work more, and its frightening you.

To see a tall pine tree is a dream sign of many interesting things that will happen. Pines are also a symbol of extraordinary will and desire for advancement in all fields, and you will go and do the things you love the most right now. During this period you will meet a new loved one. To dream of a tree that rises from the water, is a special dream to have. This dream means that you will make it where no one else could. The knowledge you have is unique, not easily shaken by envy of the people you work with and will stand the test of time.

To dream of cutting wood in the forest, has a meaning related to sexual intercourse. Meaning to "cut the wood" is a slang for a pleasure times with your lover. Also it is a sign of great power in terms of physical strength that has improved in the recent weeks. If you dreamed of logs, stacked up on each other is a sign of payment. Either you will get payed or maybe pay to someone else.

To dream of tree stump is a unique dream to have. This is how you feel right now. Someone stole a piece of your knowledge and made it into something. You feel betrayed and that is why you feel just like that tree stump, all alone and robbed. If you saw circles on the tree stump, that is an indication of years you will have to work hard to achieve your dream.

Trees that give fruit in dreams are good and they tell that you are like that tree. Giving fruits and are generous, good-natured and enjoying life as it comes. Red fruit on the branches of those trees mean you will soon meet a person who is your destiny.

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