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When we hear about the bear today in this modern world, we tend to think of many things at once. From toy bears to wilderness bears hunting salmon fish. The bear symbol is ever present in our lives, but what does it stand for?

The Bear stands for power, strength, bravery and inevetable energy directed your way. Bears are excellent hunters. Not becuse they are fast like lions (even though they can run very fast chasing the pray) but because they are patient hunters that tend to hunt for months. Ancient hunters feared the bear for a reason. They are smart and often use any means they posess to their fullest in order to survive. Power of smell helps them evade hunters easily, and they use the night to sneek near people's homes to rummage through the trash.

To see the bear symbol anywere is a sign of warriors. Bears can fight long and hard. They can rip the small trees from their roots easily. Lots of energy lies with the bear, but not the kind of energy that will be spent foolishly on wasted goals or opportuinities. In some cultures to dream of the bear, means that death is near your doorstep. People fear bears today. Nothing has changed. They are still predatory animals and forests are their home. But bears won't risk themselves foolishly. They attack when they are very hungry, or to protect the cubs.

Most of the time people dream about bears chasing them.

The interpretions are mostly about how you are avoiding some major things that you needed to do, and now the problems are coming to get you. Its not like that at all. Its your lack of patience and the willingness to learn a new knowledge that is much needed right now. Bear knows much more than you do to survive in his forest. What do you know? What is the skill that you need to know in order to make it? Is this job that you have right know low paid so that you can't afford to support yourself or your dearest? Is your eduaction preventing you to obtain a much more paid job? Bear comes to you in a dream to tell you to push yourself more to reach your pray, aka goal.

Some interpretations say that when you dream a female bear, it can represent a strong female figuire in your daily life that is pushing you around. You need to stand your own ground and to confront that person. It can be a bad boss that is giving you more and more jobs that you can't finish, and that is leaving you dead tired. A boss that has traits of a bear, take the word overbeearing and check it out. Or it can be a mother that is strict and demanding and that is wanting too much from you, and you are feeling afraid fo confront her.

Bear, Nanook, that is white in Eskimo culture is reportedly a creature of abundance. They hunt polar bears, and beleive that polar bears allow them to be killed by skilled hunters. To dream of polar bear means that you will become like the hunter. That you will be leader in some way, and the luck will come your way. Also because the polar bears are a solitary animals, the dream can mean that you should be more alone right now.

To dream a black bear, a danger is near. You should take care of what you can right know and find strength to move forward, because the situation you are in right now is not fortunate. To dream that bear is hunting a fish on the river, means that soon you will receive a nice business opportunity that if taken, will help you earn nice.

To be killed by the bear is a dream that means you should act right now. The problem in your daily life is so hard and dangerous to your health and you need to resolve it, or it will harm your health.

So whenever you are dreaming about a bear, remember that all the problems you might have right know are able to be solved by you alone, because as the bear animal has strenght to survive and fight the hard life, so can you!

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