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Since the year of 1886, we can say that this is the birth year that gave us a modern car that we now see today. Cars started to become widely available and accessible to many people. Famous Model T produced by the Ford Motor Company. Today we couldn't imagine our world without cars. They work for us so much that we sometimes take that for granted. People forget that long time ago horses pulled carriages and the travel between towns took two or three days, sometimes even a month. So this speed that we have today helped us build even faster world and society that jumps quickly to any kind of situation in order to prevent it or solve it. Sometimes this speed that we all live in is toxic. We tend to depend too much on the car transportation. In undeveloped countries, people still have horses, elephants or camels, but also they import a lot of bad almost junk like cars to suit their home needs. These junks pollute the environment and cause a bad air quality whole year round. So Car is almost like a part of the family in a way. We pay for it, we take care of it and also it rewards us with ease of transport.

We tend to feel sad when our car is damaged or unable to move. It feels too personal for some people.

So what does it mean when we dream about driving a car? It depends. If the car was new and shiny polished in a dream, the future is looking brighter, but if the car was dirty and didn't move that quickly, then it indicates that the future businesses won't get that far. Just like the car wouldn't make it to the end of the street. Driving a nice car or a new one is a symbol of a good path in life and in business. You are under the control of your own future. People who dream about driving a car are the kind of people that want to do mostly everything themselves. They rarely take anyone's help, and are very stubborn. So this dream may slip you a subtle message that you should probably consider the help of a friend, or at least an advice. What does it mean when we lose the car in our dream? The car in the dream is lost. Well, this isn't such a rare dream to have, giving it the worry that we feel each day about our car's needs. So in this dream we look and search for our car but we can not find it. We either forgot the place we parked it, or someone stole it. Interpretation that comes from losing a car in your dream is that you should take more time on the more important tasks in life and not chase after pleasures. You have a job to do, and that is why the car is there in the first place, not finding it means that you need to focus and get the job done, pass the test in school or even stick to what is giving you money. To be robbed of your car in a dream, is an indication that you feel that someone stole your chance for success. Someone stole your idea and is going forward, while you sit and wait for the life to happen or the lady justice to decide in your favor.

Dream about not being able to start the car, means that you feel stuck in a rut. This way of doing things is exhausting and you need a break. You should take a vacation and relax your mind the best way you can, because this is the first sign of mental exhaustion. If you dreamed of an old car, can be an indication that you will soon find another workplace that will leave you with more experience than your current one. Now you are doing only grunts work and are not actually learning anything new. Soon this will change.

If you dreamed that someone else was driving your car, means that you shouldn't take orders from your colleagues. They are way below you right now, so don't take their tasks, but instead tell them to do their job and leave you alone.

To dream of an car crash is a very hard one mentally. No it doesn't mean that you will have a crash, but mentally and emotionally you are at your lowest end. The job or the partnership of any kind has reached its limit. You are hurting yourself by doing things you hate pretending that you love them.

To dream of the red car, a news will reach you or a new job offer will be at arms length. To dream that you are building a car means that you are an exceptional person, very hardworking and that you alone with your own effort will succeed in life where others have failed miserably.

To dream of fixing a car, means a new friendship is going to be very rewarding indeed. You helped a friend and the good deed shall be returned.

To dream that you are in a car that is sinking into a river, is a bad sign. Usually that is a sure sign that the situation you are in right now is very dangerous and that the new better paid job is much needed, also it can also be a sign of heavy depression that you believe you can't fight against.

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