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The Dream of The Dog

dream sign dog, pug face
Dog is a man's best friend. Nothing has changed for millions of years between these two. Today we still care deeply for our dog pets, and they recognize our love for them, giving us the one thing they are excellent about and that is loyalty! They still guard things we sometimes take for granted.
Man doesn't actually know much about canines today. Mostly because in our modern society, we as humans have been put under a test to see how much we can evolve individually, while learning new technologies that are helping us to survive.
In ancient times humans and canines were much more alike. Tribal council and a wolf-pack share a leader, alpha that takes all the responsibilities for the future of the pack. On the other hand in our human society, there are leaders of all kind (politics, technology,etc). They take the role of alpha and are idolized, but the truth is far away. One man just can't run a country alone. He/She can try, but that will be far away from that true primal alpha, who took care even for the weakest of the pack during harsh winters. Your dog loves you more than you can imagine and you alone are his only alpha that will take care of him and lead the way. So the next time you get mad about your friend doing something silly, remember that he/she won't leave you alone, or give up on you, regardles of those hard times.
Dog is a symbol of strength, true friendship, cooperative effort, persistance, and high energy, protection and also structured organisation.
To dream that dog is barking, can mean that there will be quarrel.
To see dogs that are sick or injured, even dead can mean that one friendship will be lost, and you will be the one ending it.
Dreaming that one dog has bitten you, means that you will soon be betrayed.
If you dreamed of a dog that is abandoned or stray, means that you can't help yourself emotinally right now. Someone is trying to attack you, verbally.
Dream where you met a dog, or saw one, can be indication that you will soon meet a good friend who you havent saw for a very long time.
To dream that you are playing catch with your dog, can mean that you are not taking care of what other people think about you, and that they consider you selfish.
If you dreamed that you were feeding some dog, can mean that you are generous person who has plenty of friends and interests and are a true helping hand.
Dreaming that a dog is jumping around you, and you can't get rid of him, means someone is constantly dependend of your help. You are way to good to someone who doesn't deserve it.
Dreaming that you are getting a dog, or buying one, can mean you are trying to get friends buy forcing yourself too hard.
If you dreamed that a dog was guiding you can indicate that you will need the help from friends to solve the problems in your life.
Dreamed that you ran over a dog with your car, means you doubt your love partner and are thinking about the way he betrayed you.
Dreaming that you are bathing your dog is an indication you are a good and sincere friend.
Dream that you are dressing your dog in some special costyme, can mean that you are ashamed of your good friend and are unable to tell him/her.
To dream of a dog that is chasing its own tail, can mean that you are running in circles, and are wasting too much of your time on pointless tasks.
To see a dog is licking you in your dream, can mean that you will get a present from your good pal.
Dreaming a dog that is sleeping in front of your house, can mean that you have a very powerful friend who protects you and is always on guard, or here to help.
To hear a dog howling in your dream, or to see one howling can mean that someone will pass away soon, someone who was close to you.
Dreaming of dogs fighting, means that you and your partner will suffer troubles in communications between you two.
To dream that you are walking a dog, means that you will receive plenty of money in the comming period, and if the leash was in color can mean a new love.
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