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fish as a dream sign

To dream about the fish as an animal is a sign of worry. In ancient times fish was a symbol of martyr and therefore has a meaning of hardships to come. There will be a sea of problems to come, and maybe you just need to be that little fish that can swim fast and avoid all the obstacles in your way. As the animal itself, the fish is numerous. They rule this planet. If we take into consideration that the earth is mostly covered in water, around two thirds of it, then we are living in a kingdom of water world. Also, we are mostly made out of water. That is why we share a deep connection to their world in a subconscious way. The dream world itself is a mystery filled ocean. We never know what we will find out in a dream. Another story, another night, but one thing is sure with this animal sign. It predicts the storm. Fish tend to gather down bellow on the ocean floor when the storm is coming. They tell us that the period that is coming to us in future is filled with uncertainty. Dangerous road ahead. Also, this tells us we tend to worry to much and give up just as easily, but to the earthly pleasures. Fish can only survive if it swims. So even we must work whole day in order to create a better world for ourselves.

To dream of eating fish is good. You will win against all problems and be relieved of the burden you've had to carry. To dream that the shark was chasing you, or that it bit you, means that there are powerful enemies around you. A tough competition in business that is trying to finish you off. If you escaped without a scratch that is a beneficial sign.

To dream of exotic fish, filled with rainbow colors, is a dream sign that implies of false dreams and hopes. You are fooling yourself right now with plain wishing for things to happen. This dream also gives higher expectations from others that you demand of. You shouldn't mess with other people's work or thinking foolishly.

To dream of a large fish. This is a dream that shows one big problem in your life. Everyone knows about it but you kept it growing and now its the size of the whale. You should solve it before it eats you. Check health regularly.

To dream of fishing means that you will enter in a world of problems. The problems will pile up just like those fish you hunt in your dream. Also it is a sign of high depression. Maybe you should take a break from work to see things more clearly, because all you do right now is piling up difficulties.

If the fish in a dream spoke to you, it is a bad sign. Your imagination is not put to good use. In your daily life, you choose not to use it. The fish tells you to be more open and not so closed up to people and new ideas. Move outside your current circle of friends and expand your knowledge.

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