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In the Old Testament, Samson had strength to defeat all of his enemies. His power was in his hair. The strongest symbol of power in the story, was the long and strong hair. Even today nothing has changed. This symbol is a desirable one to have, and people with good hair are considered beautiful by society from the early ages. Many products that we buy and use, are there to help us have more beautiful and shiny furr on the top of our heads. Primates and mammals mostly have nice fur and hairline. In the stone age time, the hair on our body helped us survive the long ice age winters.

To dream of hair, means first of all your health. If the hair was long and shiny in your dream, that is an indication of a strong and good health. The opposite, if the hair was thin, greasy, and tangled is a sign of a bad health, bad habits and overindulgence in sinful acts.

Dreaming of gray hair is a reminder of wise decisions you've made so far, and experience that you will use to gain more wealth. In some cultures gray hair can foretell a passing of some relative.

If you dreamed that you are covered in hair, like a Sasquatch, that means you are dealing with bad people around you, and are getting some of their habits. Smoking, overeating, or maybe some other vice. Be careful not to soak bad influence from those around you. Also choose your friends more wisely.

Long black hair is an extremely good sign to have in a dream. This symbol is telling us that we are powerful now more than ever, and people listen to us, and what we have to say. Also, this is a sign of leadership, and new obligations that one will take on himself.

Golden hair is good for love, Red hair is a sign of changes, Brown hair a bad business deal, Black hair a strong powerful influence. If you combed the hair in a dream, this is a sure sign of money to come.

Hair is something that regenerates. It comes and goes, same as the emotions. Also this is a sign that can mean happy or sad times depending on the quality of hair. When we visit the barber in a dream, that can be interpreted as a small expenses needed for us to move on. In real life barbers are just doing their job. Cutting and styling our hair, but in a dream they are the ones that take away something that is a part of us. So small setbacks are going to come, but will be quickly solved, before our hair grows back.

To dream a hair on the soap is an indication of sickness and sorrow.

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