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The Horse

dream sign horse, close up

In every job man has ever started, some horse already was there. Ready and saddled, to carry the heavy load. To help build big structures. To drag the chariots of leaders and carts full of coal. In wars, they equally died along side soldiers. The two very strong symbols of horse, are work and strength. Other symbol that horses carry and drag along, are much more deeper and unknown to humans at first. Its a passionate and wild nature that doesn't need an owner or a job.

Just some grass, clear water and sky is all horses need. In nature wild horses don't need much, but when horse works for the man, then he must get a shelter and a proper care. Horse-shoe, was man made so horses wouldn't suffer and injure, riding on those stone roads. We say horse shoe is lucky because of just sheer existance, but in fact it is lucky because it protects the animal we depended so much uppon. Horse is a source of strength and durability.

That strength built this modern society.

Nowdays, horses don't need to work that hard anymore, because of the inventions of the machines. So in a way they are called lucky, because the modern times replaced them and they don't have to work so hard like they did all the time. Imagine how our world would look without them helping us.

Horse is a symbol of power, wild intentions, desire for love and freedom, big decisions, heavy work, to come soon and also responsibility imposed by higher executives.

If you dreamed a horse, your work will go well and without problems.

If you dreamed a heard of horses, means you will get plenty of money in comming period.

Dream of galloping horses, means that the problems are going to be solved, and you are heading into a better way of life.

Dreaming a pony, is a sign of a letter bringing good news.

Dreaming of horse riding, means very big fame and wealth. Also it can indicate sexual encounters will be pleasurable. Dreaming any kind of horse riding usually means good stuff.

To dream that you have fallen from a horse, is a sign that the job place is injuring you on the inside. Emotionally draining workplace.

To be kicked by a horse in your dream, is a warning to you not to be so arrogant in your daily life.

If a horse was following you in your dream, means you will get an honorary title.

Dreaming of selling or buying a horse, could be a warning not to trust merchants.

To dream of horse racing, can mean your friends will quarrel with you.

Dream of horse in your room means that you are hiding an affair, badly.

To dream of Pegasus, winged horse, is a great symbol of high energy, and very good things to come. You will defeat many enemies.

Dreaming of a white horse means that you will meet success and will meet a woman of your dreams.

Dreaming of a black horse means troubles, and that you will cheat on someone dear. For a woman to dream a black horse means she is having affair.

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