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dream symbol the house

House is a common thing to find in a dream as a sign. House is a place where we live, our home. The place where we feel safe and secure. Since the dawn of time early humans lived in some kind of shelters. We need a roof over our head in order to survive and live on. So the house dream sign is a strong symbol that explains why we should need more shelter in life.

It matters if the house in a dream was in a certain state. If it was new, or old, or even unknown. Did it have a big yard? Does the house feel welcoming? Every detail about this dream will tell you more about the current mental and physical situation you are in. House is protection. Dreaming about it means that you need more shelter in your life. You are taking more responsibilities on yourself and are not giving yourself enough care and attention.

If the House in your dream had old walls, peeling of the painting or even a piece of plaster dropped off, means that someone in your near family is very sick and he/she doesn't know it. Also it is a bad sign that tells us to take more care about our surrounding, because the state we are in right now is hurting our image.

A house is also a state of psyche. If it is nice and new in a dream. Clean floors, nice walls, widows shining light, it is a well sign that tells you are at peace with yourself. You have achieved some goal, and are proud of yourself right now. On the other hand, if you dreamed that the house was dark, old furniture, lack of windows, and dreadful in all aspects, then the dream tells you to study more, and improve your knowledge. Wherever a lack of light is dreamed, is a sure sign of a lack of knowledge. You are not informed well about a certain thing, or a person, and your subconscious is telling you to pay more attention. Focus and improve yourself.

A very important part of dreaming the house sign is the attic! Attic is a symbol of our mind. Our state of mental health. If you dreamed of the falling roof tiles, or a torn down attic, this could mean that you are feeling highly depressed. You probably work in a very hard conditions and are down in a rut. Your mental health is compromised by the colleagues lack of emotions, no one helping you out. You shouldn't worry, because this dream doesn't foretell future bad problems. If you saw the sky through the roof tiles, means that you will travel far away. The mind is not constricted and can think freely. Emotions are very high if you saw stars through the roof. It can indicate that a wish would be granted to you very soon.

If you dreamed that there were people in your house who you don't know, could mean that someone is very interested in you and that you should be very careful. A friend of mine dreamed about some unknown people visiting his house in a dream, and he was robbed after a month or so. It is a worry about not securing your investments enough. Your subconscious is still a part that thinks and points to a possible problem that must be solved. Don't ignore the dream signs!

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