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Dream of the Water

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Most of our world is the water. From those oceans through the clouds. When it rains, it gives life. Water is essential for our life and without it we would die. But the water in a dream is the representation of our emotions.

If the water is clear, we are good and in love, good health and emotion balanced. When its dirty, we are sick, sad, and see no exit from a situation.

To dream of the rain for example is a depression trademark. We are feeling down when we dream of rain falling. Cloudy sky with rain announces that we can't find a proper way to solve a problem. The rain washes down all the pain we feel inside. Mind is clear about it, sorrow and loneliness tend to call the rainfall in a dream.

Actually when we look about it more from a different angle, the rain is a messenger of things to come. To dream of river, while you are on the river bank looking other people swim, means that you are not living the life you'd like and could. When we dream this dream, in our real life, we go alone everywhere. Also, it sometimes means that you've found your port and are just looking at the time passing by.

Dreaming of a huge ocean means that you carry so many emotions inside you, and you can't let them out! Maybe you should try to forgive someone and move on. Don't hold the grudge! Dreaming of lakes, has a meaning of a nice life and a family that you will have in the future. Lakes in a dream show an understanding of your own emotions and maturity.

Water is everywhere and so is love and emotion. When we don't know how to deal with what we feel, we then dream it as a huge body of water. Water is hard to control, just like emotions are.

Dreaming of waterfall announces a new love that will come and take you your breath away. Bigger the waterfall, the bigger the emotion. This person will understand you, shelter you and fill you with good and positive things.

To dream of steam, means that you won't be able to control the emotions that you suppress inside and you will burst out. These emotions can be of anger. You are ready to confront the person who opposes you every day.

Dreaming of small puddles around the street, mean silly emotions, and mostly gossiping. To dream of a flood, brings bad situations in the real life. There will be more work to come, that will not earn you much. Mostly repairs needed around and in your home place.

Dreaming of sprinkler, or a fountain brings money to your pocket! You will get a nice gift, and there is one wish that will be fulfilled.

Real dirty and smelly water means that you should not dwell in the current company of people. Many of them are bad people who are trying to deceive you. Keep your eye on the ball.

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