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Falling down in a dream is a frequent dream to have. Statistics say it is one of the top 5 most common dreams to have. How did you feel when you dreamed about falling? Did you feel scarred? If you did, like most people, you are scarred of your life. You have true fear about wether you'll succeed or not, that is paralysing to you! Fear of falling is the sign of depression. The giving up on life type of feel people have, and then this dream occurs. Whenever people can't see anything positive, they don't fight back.

They feel like beating up against the wall, but they never think about how this wall will collapse and they will eventually escape the world you live in right now. One time, my cousin had this dream. He was styding in an university, and that was looking out to be a dead end. He wasted so many years, that he started to beleive he was worthless. His mother and father, who were in their older years, gave up on helping him the way they needed to. Emotionally he needed to mature. Stop relying on somebody else and take life into his own hands. He didn't go out from his house in months, he just sat there in front of his book and he studied hard. He finished the university, got a nice life, two kids and a family he always needed. He was afraid of heights, but the height in a dream is a sign of all the important things you need in life. Health, family, a job that can support you. Your top goal that was so frightning to you, and your subconscious had enough and showed you what you need to be looking out for.

Some people say falling is a sign of depression, and that is true in a way, but most importantly, falling down from any kind of height is a fall of an image you set up for yourself. There are also people who are scientiffic and have no family and their dreams of falling are the cause of work related pressures. Expectations that you've proved to yourself you couldn't achieve. They are possible, all you need to do is to sacrifice your time to become better at what you set up to be. All else will come later and reward you for your hard work. Some say hard work doesn't always pay off, but hard work on yourself and your soul and mind, PAYS OFF!!!

So next time you dream about this type of dream, remember there is a way out, just get your hands down on the problem and work as much as it is needed to solve it! Solving problems is no dream issue, it's an issue of life choices.