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dream sybol the face mask

Long time ago, people used to make masks that represent the spirit world and they danced by the burning fire to ward off bad spirts. Also masks were used in rituals that had to do with fertility and so. Today, masks are everywhere. Kids wear them, they are in shows on the tv, and of course with all this epidemic happening on on our faces as well. Mostly the mask is a protection symbol. We hide our true feelings and even personality when we wear the mask and no one can see us for what we are.

In a dream, a mask is a sign of hiding from everyone else and also yourself. The mind knows who you are better than you know yourself, so in hiding behind a mask is a true denial of your own nature. You are trying way to hard to keep the serious face, when all the troubles are falling on your shoulders.

To se a person wearing a mask in your dream is a dangerous sign. You have very dangerous enemies around yourself, and you need to stay on your guard. The person who is wearing the mask is trying to fool you by pretending to be cool and steady, minding its own business. Trust no one if you have this dream.

To dream of a mask of a superhero, like Batman, Ironman, Spiderman, Hulk... etc., means that you are trying so hard to be good to everyone else that is beyond normal way of doing things. Stop trying to be a hero, when other people should have to learn to fight for themselves. Batman mask, you are bossy and need to work alone a lot. Ironman mask, you consider yourself smart and motivated, but you are a way too sensitive to criticism. Spiderman mask, means you are immature and need the time to let go of the childish behavior. Hulk mask, anger issues are hiding a soft and immature feelings.

Dream of the covid virus protection mask has the only one meaning. You are dead tired and need rest soon. We have reported it that most of the people who are working in the health clinics, with patients, dream that they are wearing masks. It doesn't mean you are hiding from anything, just stress from the workplace. Continue doing what you do and don't dwell much on feelings right now. Remember that you are needed and when this is all over, those dreams will disappear also.

Dreaming of wearing an unknown mask is a strange dream to dream about and is not so common. It has to do a lot with recognizing true self. You have wandered who you are, and need to get to know yourself from the beginning. The traumatic experiences bring this dreams and you should not be scarred of them, because the mind isn't the one who determines what you wish for. Mind reacts, but the heart wishes, so don't be so hard on yourself whenever you have this type of dream. You shouldn't doubt yourself, because you don't need to.

Dreaming of the mask that speaks is a dangerous dream to have. This is a bad omen and usually can indicate that there is someone who uses their facade to frigten you into doing things you shouldn't do. Don't fall under the influence of bad people. Fight it.

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