Meanings of sexy dreams, is it alright to have them?

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Origin Of Sex Dreams

origin of sexy dreeams

Have you ever wandered about the origin if sexy, erotic filled dreams that make you feel so good and desired? We analyzed many interpretations of this type of dream, and come to our own conclusions about the true meaning behind them.

First of all, how come suddenly we get this dream even though we are dead tired from work, or family care, or whatever we needed to do that day, and we still get these dreams. How is it possible?

Well the first thing that comes to consideration is pure chemistry. The very reason you had those dreams could be because you spent time in a company of other sex, or maybe the same sex. This is the key feature in having these dreams. People used to call this the way of the forbidden love potion magic, long time ago (anyone remember the movie "Love potion number nine"), but is still very much at use today. The certain amount of pheromones will make your brain imagine the best looking bodies that will occupy your dream state while you sleep. The "infection" is not intended, but rather causal almost like the shake of the hand or even passing by that person who is emitting pheromones according to its hormonal state at the time. That is why your brain at REM time tries to deconstruct these chemicals and is amazed that those chemicals are not your own, but someone else's, and then it reacts by creating this powerful dreams filled with...action.

So if you want more of these dreams, then look for the company of the sex that you prefer and linger around for a bit, sit next to them or even talk with them. But not forget, the chemistry isn't the sole process that does this. There is much more about subconscious that has remembered a look and feel of a person, that it admires in a way and wants a lonely company of that person to suit its own need.

Are these dreams good for us? Sometimes yes, because the level of serotonin that is released is helping us cope with many problems we receive during the day and are stressful. The very much reaction from the body is that it needs these sexy dreams to counteract the stress. So dreaming these, can indicate that you are under certain pressure at work or even home environment and you can't have a release that you need.

Why do we see someone else in our dreams sometimes instead of our partners or lovers in our daily life? This is where many people make the mistake of believing that they are somehow cheating on their loved ones, or maybe even that their lovers in real life don't love them enough...Nonsense. Its far away from it. The mind is free, and actually in true love so it feels freedom to express its way to the fullest. The mind projects the type of partner it wishes but at the same time this is your true partner but beautified by the subconscious stylists. The mind wants to help your partner who is feeling little down lately, so it thinks as every other mind does, a makeover!

This dream carries a message to remember, and that is not to seek the end of rainbow. The dream tells us to be humble and show more love to our loved ones in our real life. Nobody is perfect and you shouldn't pressure your partner into thinking he/she is somewhat not perfect. Stop projecting the superiority figure. Feel to be a little vulnerable so the partner can connect more with you. Superheroes are usually alone, because none can feel what they feel. Even in imaginary world, emotional connection is hard to come by.

If you dreamed about a forceful intercourse, can mean one thing. You are full of energy and you can't find the proper outlet. The workouts are not enough. But its not physical with the mind. Its about creative effort that is needed right now. Writing your own music, or maybe a book, a novel, or maybe even painting. Hobby will keep those dreams in check. Contrary, if you do strive to continue experiencing this type of dream, keep exercising a lot.

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