Sleep positions vs personality, are they true or not?

Dreamsigns Theory

Sleeping position reveals much more about you, or does it?

When we started this website, we just couldn't imagine, or dream for that matter, that there was a belief, that took into account the way you are positioned in your bed while sleeping, determines your personality. Every person of course has own position for sleep, but alledged study showed that all variations of positions can be grouped into six major sleep positions that are condidered the dominent. Dominant sleep positions are:

  • The Yearner
  • The Starfish
  • The Log
  • The Sider
  • The Freefaller
  • The Foetus
  • The "Yearner", position where a person lays on its side with arms streatched in a grabbing way, like the person is yearning something, is supposedly according to the examinations, a persons who are suspicious of everything and are very rational in approach to life.

    The "Starfish", is a position of a person that lays on its back arms up like its giving up. This personality is a good listener, and a person who likes to help other people.

    The "Log", a position of sleep wherea a person lays on its side whith both arms near his sides. Like a log. These are easy going, but sometimes people consider them naive and easily tricked.

    The "Soldier" is a similar position like a "Starfish" except both arms are down near sides. These people are reserved, quiet and they hate noisy social scenes.

    The "Freefaller" position is where the person lays on his/hers belly down. These people are brash, but they can't cope with criticism.

    The "The Foetus" is a known position where a person lays on his side, knees up and arms bent in elbows. People of this sleep position, are sensitive even though they look rough and tough at first.

    The tests were, as we were told, able to group people's sleep positions into this six variations. Websites that sell bed products, like sheets and pillows, and of course beds for that matter, use these beliefs that are supposedly done under laboratory conditions, so they could sell you more product. The whole purpose of these so called "sleep position science stuff", was there to dull your thinking part that decides about buying new bed or sheets so you could achieve the best position you want in order to sleep better, and then buying whatever they offerred. For example, nobody would want to become The "Freefaller", because they can't stand the arguments. Many people that we talked about said that they tend to have more than one favorite sleeping positions. Sometimes, when we are too tired, so its not always possible for our body to remember these positions, and it will choose the first one because of the tiredness.

    The other thing is of course, the health problems people have. Some people need to sleep in a certain way because of the asthma or the tendency to snore more often. Even most of them have recommendations form their doctors of which way they should position themselves not just for good rest, but not to agravate the condition they are in.

    These positions are the cases where only one person was observed, but there are also positions of two persons who are laying next to each other in the same bed and also the meaning behind all of it. This is where we should draw the line. By observing and learning these "sleep positions and their meaning", someone will create an anxiety state that will be felt by the person laying next. Is this the best sleeping position for couples? The spoon? Come on, what this does, this type of thinking creates a lot of pressure and will not help both of sleepers relax. In reality, people are dead tired when they go to bed. Hugging your partner is ok, but it isn't natural to sleep in the same position the whole night. If we do sleep like that, than we wake up tense, in pain and even with numb limbs.

    Dreamsigns advice is...sleep any way you like and don't worry! It takes way much more to determine a person than just a simple sleeping position. We are all dreamers and for good dreams we need to relax and leave worries behind for another day.

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