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Can excercise affect dreams?

can excercase affect our dreams

To work out means a lot today. We lead a sedentary lives in front our TV's or mobile phones, and also computer screens. This way of life is bad for us, and we don't need to be remembered to know it. We feel it! Every day we take long drives from and to work place. Lack of motivation, piles of fat around our stomachs, brain fog and not being able to concentrate on anything is a global World trademark.

People need to have regular exercises. We weren't built to lay around all day long. We have become to dependent on machines to do our work for us, so that we are now to lazy to do anything more laborious like walking up the stairs or even walking around the town to burn few calories. You see, machines won't dream for you just yet. Elon Musk hasn't perfected that product just yet. Some crazy Tesla sleeping machines that look like those old 50's hair dryer hoods. No, not just yet. Your brain will have to do that part alone I'm afraid for now. But he/she isn't getting enough help indeed. High on sugar, and caffeine, the brain is edgy all the time. Ready to cook up some crazy dream that makes no sense, and the one that leaves you even more tired in the morning.

Those dreams mean less than nothing.

When we work out, our bodies change. The chemicals are running through our bodies that we can't even pronounce. These are making us feel good. This feel is complemented by the secretion of dopamine and serotonin, that make us happy and enjoying life. It is not a coincidence that those happy posters include some skinny looking guy or gal, that enjoys running or working out. This is an universal thing. The stuff we all take for granted, but is all inside of us. We just need to make this push in order for them to come out and grant us with better looking, healthier bodies, and of course dreams and sleep.

Why do we sleep better after a workout? The Mind people think is not active while working out. This is somewhat very wrong. People say how they need to go out and workout so they can stop thinking about the problems they had at work or home place.

What is wrong here? First of all, your brain isn't something you switch off. It's not a wifi network that you can just disconnect from whenever you feel like it. It still thinks and observes. But with a major difference. Brain isn't calculating against the adrenaline, now its going with it. In ancient times, humans were hunters mostly. The fear and the rush they had in those days, was important for killing the prey. The basic thing our brain had to do was gauge the distance from the animal and the proper tools to use for the kill. That was all. Even though it looks simple now when we talk about it, the hunt itself is a mastery of its own. So whenever you go out and rush into believing that you need to vent out instead of thinking in front of a problem at your computer screen, remember that you are like an ancient hunter that needs to use more senses in order to feel "normal", natural.

What about the dreams? They are vivid indeed. Brain got so much oxygen after that run, that it prepared such a strong dream for you, and such a deep REM state for you to rest like a log. Brain will use the hormones that are secreted during the night to construct a scenario in which you are the main protagonist and are filled with energy even in your dream. Feeling refreshed in the mornings? This all has to do with a good hygiene of sleep and a nice sweat before bed time. Our hormones are at our low stage at this time, but don't worry, the body has a mechanism to relax itself. The only way we can not dream good is when we are in pain after an injury, so be careful. Don't overdo it. Also ehxausting your body won't produce the good dreams.

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