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Palmistry or chiromancy, is reading of the character traits and future divination, by interpreting the lines on ones palm of the hand. The origins of this ancient occult readings are unknown,but some historians believe it dates back from ancient India. Palmistry was well known in China, Tibet, Persia, Mesopotamia, Egypt...etc. In medieval times palmistry was used by witch hunters to spot the pact of the sign with the Devil. In 17th century attemts were made in order to develop empirical and rational fundations of the principles.
Hand is a mirror of our personality. The size,shape, texture, skin pattern, finger prints...all these features can determine our future. With this knowledge we can unlock hidden capabilities of the person whose hand we are examining. Lines of our hand represent the unconscious mind. Lines are also subject to change. Our will power, our thinking and acting changes these lines as we live through. Which hand do we look at?
Both hands should be considered but the priority is the hand that person uses every day, the dominant one. Palmistry has two branches:
  1. Chirognomy;
  2. Chiromancy.
Chirogonomy is the knowledge about the shape of the hand, mounts, texture, quality of the hand and size. Reveals the basic nature of a person and also the temperament. Chiromancy is the knowledge about lines, that say about ups and downs in person's life and his past and future.
Shapes of hand:
  1. Elementary hand Palm is small, thick, and hard and the thumb is short. People that have this hand are violent and quick to act.
  2. Square hand Square palm with even the finger tips are people who are active and have more physical strength practical thinking and less imagination. They are organised, religious, law obiding.
  3. Spatulate hand The third category is the spatulate hand that has fingertips like spatula, and these people love to work, but have less stamina, they get excited fast.
  4. Philosophic hand Fingers are very long, and have prominent knots. People like this are curious and methodical. Reasoning and analysis are their nature. They do not accept things without analysing them. They have more mental power than physical.
  5. Conical hand Fingertips are rounded, and people that have this are emotional. Sensitive and intuitive. They are sensitive artists.
  6. Psychic hand Fingertips are pointed with soft knuckles. They have limited workind capacity and are not organised. They are inspired quickly and are too sensitive to be practical.
  7. Mixed hand These have many traits of all other hands and the fingers are not uniformly shaped. Versatile people.
Types of hands:
  • Flexible hand Skin is smooth and flexible and people with this hand have more mental capacity and are more open minded. They are logical and good at making decisions.
  • Firm hand Skin is flexible and the palm is firm, gives people who have power of thought and action. They are logical and are good in making decisions.
  • Hard hand Skin is rough. These people don't accept new ideas, but are good workers.
  • Long hand Long palm indicates people who are good planers and introvert. They have more mental power.
  • Heavy hand Palm is very thick, and these people have more physical stamina and are couragious. They have greater capacity to work.
  • Thin hand Gives conservative people, petty minded, and cowards.

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